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Membership  -  Adults $55  covers January 1st to December 31st.

                   -  Junior $50  (under 17years ).                  

  Discounts available for families with the second and subsequent family members receiving $20 off membership. Junior members must wear an approved riding helmet whilst riding at NNHC gatherings. We also request that an adult accompany Juniors on the day please.

                          NNHC  is affiliated with the Arabian Horse Society of Australia Ltd (AHSA), with membership fees covering you for Public Liability Insurance whilst attending NNHC events.

   PLEASE NOTE - All new members must pass a small proficiency test  before participating in club events, please contact the secretary, Karen Townend, Ph-65 691018, or Email  for details.

   We would like to stress that whilst every care will be taken during club activities, all handlers and riders, including juniors, participate at their own risk. NNHC accepts no responsibility for any injuries or damage incurred.

  Stallions,colts and rigs are not permitted at NNHC events.





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