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*** Useful Websites ***     This site will also provide access to the free natural horsemanship newsletter "neva say neva".     Connecting with horses and riding with synchronicity.   The Guy Fawkes Heritage Horse Association, trying to place some lovely horses into caring homes.


*** Mineral Mix Recipe***

Basic:  1 Part Copper Sulphate

            4 Parts Dolomite

            4 Parts Sulphur ( Yellow Dusting)

            4 Parts Kelp

  Add:   4 Parts Magnesium

            4 Parts Rosehip (optional)

            4 Parts Brewers Yeast (optional)

Leave out under cover for horse to lick at will.

*** Queensland Itch Remedy***

500mls Methylated Spirits

500mls Baby Oil

2 Caps Tea Tree Oil

Thanx to Michael Bekker for supplying these recipes.



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