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*** NNHC Turns 10 ! ***

NNHC recently celebrated its tenth anniversary. A party lunch was held to celebrate this milestone on Sunday 10TH July. . The party was to be held in conjunction with the July Campout but unfortunately the campout had to be cancelled as a precaution due to Hendra Virus being diagnosed in the Macksville area.


                                                                                         Founding members cut the cake.

The club received several emails offering congratulations on reaching its tenth birthday. We  are reproducing them below for members enjoyment.....


Hello members of the Nambucca Natural Horsemanship Club:

Cheryl has told me that it is the 10year anniversary of your club and I am honoured to share in the celebration even if only via this note.

I thoroughly enjoyed teaching my 4 1/2 day Dressage, Naturally clinic for you just over one year ago in Macksville. It was the conclusion of my first ever Australian tour and it was so nice to be around such an enthusiastic, welcoming group of students.

I think you should all be very proud of yourselves for accomplishing one of lifes most difficult challenges: organising a group of people! It is so easy these days to "not have the time", or "not have the money" or "not have the energy" to try to keep a club together or participate fully. But like any good relationship, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. What each of you puts into this club, the club can give back double.

With curious students such as yourself, it would be difficult to try to make sense of all the different training methods and systems out there, but together you can play and experiment, and keep each other from losing motivation or getting confused.

So for the members out there... keep showing up and keep sharing your enthusiasm! For the organisers of the NNHC ( to use an Aussie term): "Good on ya!" It is not an easy job to keep the momentum and passion alive.

I hope I get to visit your club again!

Keep it light



It has been a great to watch the Nambucca Natural Horsemanship Club grow and evolve. I was there right from the start when I suggested to a few of the oroiginal members who attended my clinics that they get togethher to practice and support each other. From there the club developed.

I believe the success of the club is due to the amazing founding members who still are very active in the club today. I say amazing because I actually think that it is quite extraordinary to find such a great group of people who are supportive rather than competitive with each other. To me  this is the magic of the club and why it has been so successful. Because of the environment the founding members created  they attracted others with similar attributes and so the club grew and maintained its quality.

The energy and enthusiasm of the active members with a true love of their horses, who are dedicated to improving their horsemanship in general, is sure to be the reason for the clubs continuing success. I really enjoy teaching people from this club as they are keen and open to learn and it has been an honour to be a part of their horsemanship journey and see their progress.

Congratulations to you all, good luck and well done!

All my best, Mel.


I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of Nambucca Shire Councillors and Staff to congratulate your club on being together for ten years.

I understand that  you have grown in membership to more than sixty, a very good ahievememt indeed for a small shire.

The services your club provides such as the clinics, newsletters, regular events at the Macksville Showground, to name a few, present wonderful opportunities to adults and children alike.

Once again, congratulations, good luck and well done!

Yours faithfully,

Rhonda Hoban, Mayor.

NEIL PYE- Parelli Natural Horsemanship....

To all the members of Nambucca Natural Horsemanship Club,

Congratulations on your 10th anniversary! It is wonderful that you are aspiring to keep a positive  and progressive club culture going; one that is open, welcoming and easily accepting of new members and doind it all naturally!

Thank you for assisting in creating a better place for horses and humans!

Remember, keep it natural and may the horse be with you!

Neil Pye.


The club is very lucky to have a committee strong as it is, both past and present. A big congratulations for 10 years.



*** Mel Fleming Clinic Participants January 2011


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